Vector based map servers generate much smaller XML files for regions of the map that contain information about lines, text and areas.  It is the device that caches renders these using hardware acceleration.  The server can generate and cache these XML (PBF=protobuf file) files much faster and since they are generally 1/10 the size of the PNG files and GZIP compressed so the data transfer and device side caching is correspondingly faster and more efficient.  Since the rendering occurs efficiently on the device, pan and zoom is much smoother.  We also have the advantage of dynamically applying styles to the map when it is rendered, allowing KayakNav to support various day and night modes.  In addition, vector tiles make it much simpler to rotate the map and have the labels automatically re-orientate themselves. Check out the following link for a detailed video of vector tile features.

You can test this vector tile server by clicking one of the following which are now served via HTTPS to suit iOS9 requirements: Lake Ginninderra, Sydney, Paris, London, New York, Queenstown NZ.  You can download a single vector tile but will not be able to make much sense of the binary content in the PBF file.

Check out how MapBox host their maps.

KayakNav now in the Apple App Store.

Feature List

  • Navigate Shortest Route.
  • Hands-Free Cached Off-Line Rotating Maps.
  • Selectable Statistics Displayed.
  • Auto Start/Finish.
  • Virtual Training Partner.

An exciting advance in Kayaking technology for your iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini.

KayakNav is designed to assist with navigation and training in your Kayak. Just plot your path on GoogleEarth and email yourself the KMZ file. KayakNav will load up the points, optimise the path and calculate all the statistics required to track your paddling.

It provides a virtual training partner to help you maintain pace in both time trials and marathons.

For marathons and long open water treks, provides a coloured compass with optimised path targeting to minimise your total paddle distance and help you get back on course quickly.

We are about to start work on a number of new features, so check back for more news.

See more details and screen shots on Facebook

A new Developer Tool for XCode, Visual Studio and Xamarin.

Feature List

  • Auto Screen Shot and Icon Rescaling to App Store pixel sizes.
  • Simple drag-n-drop interface into StoreShotMaker and into XCode.
  • Automatic folder monitoring and image rescaling.
  • Extensible via a supplied XML configuration file.
  • Helps manage image assets for multiple projects.
  • Preview icons at multiple resolutions.
  • Pre-configured with all the Apple standard screen shot and icon sizes.

Simplify your app releases for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch to the App Store.

StoreShotMaker is designed to assist Apple and Android developers quickly generate all of the standard screen shot and icon sizes required for the App Store. StoreShotMaker will let you spend your time developing killer apps and take hours of drudgery out of the final deployment process.

It provides a simple and intuitive drag-n-drop interface, with image preview and automated processing.

Requires Mac OSX 10.10 or newer.  See more details and screen shots on Facebook