KayakNav now in the Apple App Store.

Feature List

  • Navigate Shortest Route.
  • Hands-Free Cached Off-Line Rotating Maps.
  • Selectable Statistics Displayed.
  • Auto Start/Finish.
  • Virtual Training Partner.

An exciting advance in Kayaking technology for your iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini.

KayakNav is designed to assist with navigation and training in your Kayak. Just plot your path on GoogleEarth and email yourself the KMZ file. KayakNav will load up the points, optimise the path and calculate all the statistics required to track your paddling.

It provides a virtual training partner to help you maintain pace in both time trials and marathons.

For marathons and long open water treks, provides a coloured compass with optimised path targeting to minimise your total paddle distance and help you get back on course quickly.

We are about to start work on a number of new features, so check back for more news.

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